NEN 3140

In the field of electrical safety, it is up to the employer to ensure a safe use of electrical installations, devices and appliances under the terms of the Dutch Occupational Health and Safety Act. The employer also has the responsibility to educate and instruct his employees. The employees need to be aware of the current safety rules.

The general requirements, as stipulated in the Dutch Occupational Health and Safety Act, in the field of electrical safety, have been worked out concretely in the standard NEN-EN 50110 and NEN 3140. (Low-voltage installations; Conditions for safe operations, inspection and maintenance). This norm stipulates the conditions to avoid electrocution or short-cuts during work. Meeting the conditions of NEN-EN 50110 and NEN 3140 also means meeting the Dutch Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements with regards to electrical safety. 

1. Electrical installations must be safe for use
2. Electrical tools must be safe for use
3. Everybody working on and in the surroundings of electrical installations, must have received safety instructions

In order to guarantee the safe use of electrical installations, NEN-EN 50110 prescribes the periodic inspection of electrical installations. The inspection consists of a visual inspection and an inspection by means of measurement and testing. The inspection as described in NEN-EN 50110 concerns existing installations. New installations must be inspected according to NEN 1010. The inspectors of Thermografisch & Adviesbureau Uden BV are individually certified to carry out the inspections and have years of experience doing this. These inspections are carried out using up to date measurement equipment which is calibrated on a yearly basis. 

During the installation and prior to the first use, every electrical installation has to be inspected both visually and by means of measurement and testing according to NEN1010 part 6 in order to determine whether the conditions as prescribed in NEN1010 have been met as far as applicable. The results of the inspection are documented in a report which is kept by the owner of the installation. Thermografisch & Adviesbureau Uden BV can carry out this inspection for you in combination with a thermographic zero setting if desired.

Thermografisch & Adviesbureau Uden BV reports in a clear, concise and well-organized way, supported by digital pictures. We separate visual inspection from measurement and testing. After the inspection, the report will be provided as a hard copy and/or on cd-rom. These reports are managed by us during the legal term and can always immediately be consulted in case of emergency. 

To safely make use of electrical devices, extension cords etc., NEN 3140 requires a periodic inspection of so-called electrical production means. The inspection contains both a visual inspection and an inspection by means of measurement and testing.
After inspection, we apply a sticker of approval and record our results in a multiple year survey report.
Examples of electrical production means that require periodic inspections are:

* Electrical hand tools
* Movable electronic equipment
* Hand lamps and other movable lamps
* Movable power using devices such as refrigerators, coffee-makers,
   laboratory equipment PC's, printers, vacuum cleaners etc. 

* Movable leads
* Personal means of protection
* Hand tools for working under electric current
* Movable switch and distribution boards such as
   junctions, including integrated earth leakage circuit
   breakers and protection transformers
* Medical electrical devices